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Bumpers and Bands: 2 Apple Watch Accessories You Need Right Now
Your Apple products are an investment. So keep your watch protected with two of the best Apple Watch accessories from Pelican Outdoor. Bumpers and bands are two of the most important Apple Watch accessories to protect your watch. The bands...
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How to Best Prepare for a Long Hike
Maybe your jaunt is a 10- or 15-mile day hike, or perhaps you’re going to be out on the trail for several days with camp on your back. Either way, how you prepare for a long hike will be a...
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Determining the Best Camping Gear With Pelican Outdoor
Determining the best camping gear goes beyond flashy colors and a cool design. The equipment should be made of high-quality materials that are tested, certified, and appropriate to your particular use.  The saying, "you get what you pay for," applies...
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5 Common Camping Mistakes Every Newbie Has Made
Camping mistakes are bound to happen when you are just starting out. But it's not always the newbies! Better planning and learning from common mistakes can help new AND experienced campers be more prepared. You remembered the camp stove but...
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How to Properly Clean Your Cell Phone and Case
Properly cleaning your cell phone doesn't have to be a time-consuming struggle. Use the proper cloth and cleaner; you can have your phone clean, disinfected, and back together in 15 minutes. According to CNET, your phone is dirtier than you...
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Choosing the Best Phone Case for Your Active Lifestyle
What makes the “best phone case” comes down to your intended use and the materials it is made of. There is good; then there's GREAT. Leather, carbon, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), plastic, silicone -  there is an extensive range of materials...
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Dropped Your Phone in Water? Here's How to Save It
Maybe it flew out of your pocket while trail running on a soggy day. Or, while you were on the riverbank in your waders, it slipped out of your hand. However it happened, you dropped your phone in water, and...
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Apple AirTag: Applying New Tracking Tech to Your Outdoor Lifestyle
Released in April 2021, Apple AirTags is still a new concept to many people. Here's the run-down on what AirTags are and how to keep them protected while they track your most precious items. The days of losing your wallet...
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Rugged Waterproof Phone Cases for the Great Outdoors

As smartphone reliance in the outdoors increases, waterproof phone cases are becoming a must-have in your list of outdoor essentials. You don't want to be without one when heading on your next outdoor adventure!

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Sleeping Pad R-Values Explained
When it comes to choosing the right sleeping pad for you, take your time and consider the options. The R-value system needs to be top of mind to make sure that you are prioritizing your safety and comfort during all of your endeavors. Your adventure awaits!
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