About Pelican Outdoor

Our Story

With decades of experience in bringing high quality consumer products to market, we at CM Brands are excited to partner with Pelican Products, Inc. to launch the Pelican Outdoor collection under license. Our collection of outdoor products is designed and manufactured to the same exacting standards that make Pelican™ products the gold standard in protective equipment and gear.

We take great pride in the products we’ve created over the years and are thrilled to introduce this product line specifically geared towards your next adventure.

Man sitting on Pelican cooler with Field Pack and Towel
Pelican Outdoor Camera Lens Cover

Inspired by our customers, the troops, first responders, weekend warriors and outdoorsmen, the Pelican Outdoor rugged collection offers the highest quality outdoor products for the modern day adventurer. The mission of this line is to develop premium, functional, and rugged outdoor equipment with no compromises along the way.

The rugged protection line features universal, functional and durable solutions for your gear's protective needs. These products were specially engineered using the highest quality materials and crafted with premium construction, ensuring your gear is ready for your next adventure.

Our hope is that this collection will allow you to go on your next adventure with peace of mind. Be your most active, bold self while keeping yourself and all of your equipment as protected as possible with the Pelican Outdoor line.

Pelican Outdoor camera lens cover and field pack