Rugged Waterproof Phone Cases for the Great Outdoors

As smartphone reliance in the outdoors increases, waterproof phone cases are becoming a must-have in your list of outdoor essentials.

Pelican Outdoor Tech Protection Collection

Why are waterproof phone cases becoming a big deal, and why would you want one? In the not-so-distant past, an outdoorsman used to carry a separate camera, altimeter, GPS, map, and compass. The waterproofing? Well, remember putting all those things into Ziploc baggies?

In the iPhone and Android age, those items have been distilled into a single device that’s slightly bigger than your granola bar.

However, with all that convenience comes more expense, not to mention the fragility of the phones themselves. Dirt, mud, water, and debris all threaten to take your device out of commission when you need it most.

The added protection of a waterproof phone case or pouch can help set your mind at ease whether you are on a rafting trip through the Grand Canyon, hiking in the rainy Pacific Northwest, or even working in a water-based environment.

Pelican Outdoor offers robust  water-resistant and waterproof phone case options. You don't want to be without one when heading on your next outdoor adventure!

The Ultimate Waterproof Phone Pouch Built for Dunks, Dips, and Downpours

The Pelican Marine Waterproof Floating Pouch in Night Vision Black

Pelican Outdoor Waterproof Pouch

Designed for the most extreme wet conditions, The Pelican Marine Waterproof Floating Pouch offers total protection when dealing with wet environmental conditions or engaging in water sports.

The Pelican Marine comes in "Night Vision Black," an attractive black and yellow color scheme. In addition, the Pelican Marine Waterproof Pouch is equipped with a clear camera and touchscreen window. Therefore, you can use your device while it stays 100% protected inside.

Simply slide your device into the waterproof phone pouch and lock off the top. The Pelican Marine comes in two sizes and is well-fitted for most current devices. So, your smartphone won’t just flop around inside.

The Pelican Marine is IP68-rated. Meaning, in addition to dust and dirt protection, it can be fully submerged in fresh water up to 1.5 meters (5 feet).

An included detachable lanyard helps keep your phone secure. But if the unfortunate happens, air cushions built into the floating waterproof phone pouch will bring your device up to the surface.

You'll never have to worry about the 30-minute threshold of the waterproof IP ratings, but you also won't have to search around underwater for it.

The Pelican Marine Waterproof Floating Pouch will protect from water damage due to full submersion. It is also a solid choice to get most devices through the hardest of torrential backcountry downpours.

High-Performance Water-Resistant Smartphone Cases for the Everyday Adventurist 

Pelican Marine Active Case for iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max Devices

Pelican Outdoor Marine Active Phone Case for iPhone 13 Devices

Boasting five layers of slim but rugged construction, the Pelican Marine Active Cases for iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max offer top-notch protection from water, snow, dirt, and dust without the bulk.

While not a fully waterproof case, the Marine Active maintains an IP54-rated water resistance under rainy conditions and splashing. Pelican Marine Active Case for iPhone case will protect your device on a rainy hike. But taking underwater photos or an accidental extended dunk in the river is off the table.

Further, the Marine Active is also IP54-rated for dust. As such, your iPhone 13 Pro Max is protected from the entry of most dust and dirt particulates you'll encounter.

Are you concerned about drop protection? The Marine Active phone case has you covered there too! Made with impact-absorbing materials, the Pelican Marine Active is built to military specifications (MIL-STD 810G). What's more, it has been tested and rated to withstand drops of up to 18 feet.

In addition to offering antimicrobial protection, the soft-touch over-mold makes your device easy to hold and won't slide off surfaces. Also, your phone's screen will stay safe with the scratch-resistant coated screen protector.

What is IP54?

IP or Ingress Protection code is a worldwide standard that classifies the level of intrusion by solids, water, dust, and accidental contact.

The first digit of the number (in this case, 5) refers to solids; the second digit (4) relates to liquids.

According to the IP rating tables, IP54 means that entry of dust is not entirely eliminated but that it will not enter enough to interrupt the normal operation of a device. With regards to liquids, water splashing from any direction will not have a harmful effect. The device is fully protected from the entry of solids.

From killer underwater photos to orienteering in the backcountry with your favorite app - smartphones have become standard equipment in the outdoors.

Don't leave yours susceptible to the elements and water damage. Pelican Outdoor makes some of the best waterproof phone cases on the market. The Marine Waterproof Floating Pouch and Pelican Marine Active Cases for iPhone are shining examples of that.

Trust your device to the brand divers, firefighters, police, military, and photographers have depended on since 1976.

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