Choosing the Best Phone Case for Your Active Lifestyle

What makes the “best phone case” comes down to your intended use and the materials it is made of. There is good; then there's GREAT.

Pelican Phone Cases for iPhone 13 Pro Max

Leather, carbon, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), plastic, silicone -  there is an extensive range of materials that phone case manufacturers use to make cell phone cases. Pelican Outdoors is focused on making the best phone cases for active lifestyles. That means it has to provide top-notch protection whether someone is cruising the backwoods or the city.

To create the toughest cell phone cases for day-to-day protection, Pelican Outdoors designs cases with a few critical materials in mind. Below is a rundown of the materials Pelican uses to create protective cases.

We'll also go over several models of phone cases that will keep your device well-protected from drops or when Mother Nature gets an attitude.

The Best Phone Cases Start with the Best Phone Case Materials


Dupont™ Kevlar®, or aramid fiber, is the material military and law enforcement trust their lives to for helmets, bulletproof vests, and vehicle armoring. There are tons of other applications that you may have never even thought of, such as ropes, fiber optics, and high-pressure hoses. Dupont™ states that Kevlar® is " Five times the strength of steel on an equal weight base" and is "the go-to fiber for protective apparel and accessories."

Dating back to the 1960s, Kevlar® is distinguished by high strength, low flammability, fabric integrity at elevated temperatures, and resistance to abrasion and organic solvents.

Pelican Outdoor has applied Dupont™ Kevlar® fibers to some of its Shield Kevlar line of smartphone cases for unmatched drop protection.

Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)

Developed by BF Goodrich (now Lubrizol) in the late 1950s, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is an environmentally friendly, biodegradable alternative to rubber. The benefits of TPU for manufacturing outweigh those of rubber and PVC, with the added benefit of breaking down in the environment within 3-5 years.

According to Kent Elastomer, it comes in a range of hardness grades, plus it offers excellent colorability, clarity, flexibility, and elasticity. Depending on how it's processed, it can be soft and pliable (oxygen masks and tubing) or similar to hardened plastic (automobile interior).

TPU has found a home in the sporting goods, medical device, and auto industries; new uses are being found for it all the time.

PCTG Plastics

Poly – Cyclohexylenedimethylene Terephthalate Glycol. Egads, that's a mouthful, huh? Let's just call it PCTG for all of our sakes.

PCTG is a co-polyester, meaning a polyester (polymer) modified by additives to bring out certain preferred characteristics in the material. For example, tennis racket strings made with a co-polymer tend to retain their tightness better than a straight polymer string. With glass-like transparency, PCTG is becoming increasingly popular in the production of items like water bottles and medical equipment. It is typically used in the manufacturing of plastic dishes, bags, and credit cards.

PCTG is BPA-free, very strong, and is more resistant to high impacts than other similar filaments. It is also highly heat and chemical resistant.

Getting to Know Pelican Outdoor Phone Cases and Their Differences

Do you seek rugged, extra protection for your newest Samsung or iPhone model? Pelican has six different styles of smartphone cases to match your particular use.

With varying features and color options, each one of these phone cases is tested to military standards (MIL-STD 810G). Whether you need extra-tough or extra slim, Pelican Outdoor has you covered! Read on for an option that may suit you.

Shield Kevlar for iPhone 13

The Shield Kevlar Case for iPhone 13 is the ultimate in scratch resistance and drop protection.

Pelican Shield Kevlar Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max

Made from a combination of Dupont™ Kevlar® (aramid fibers), TPU, and PCTG plastic, the five-layer construction features reinforced corners to protect your iPhone from most of the abuses you can throw at it. Boasting 3x military-grade drop protection, the Shield Kevlar provides drop protection up to 21 feet. Your leather case won't do that!

The Shield Kevlar Case for iPhone 13 also comes with a holster and kickstand - a nice feature for when you want to watch something or make your next Zoom meeting via cell phone. Currently, the Shield Kevlar is available for iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Pelican Ranger Case for iPhone 13 Devices

The Ranger gives the dyed-in-the-wool minimalist the ultimate drop protection in a subtle and sleek design.

Pelican Ranger Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max

The Pelican Ranger Case for iPhone isn't just one of your typical thin cases. Sporting a reinforced back panel, cushioned corners, and impact-absorbing ridges, the Ranger offers military-grade drop protection to 15 feet. Guaranteed to perform over the product’s entire life, this molded TPU elastomer case will keep your iPhone 13 devices safe from harm.

The Ranger is available for all new iPhone 13 models, including the iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. In addition, the Ranger is available for these options with MagSafe accessories, like MagSafe wireless chargers.

Pelican Voyager Case for iPhone and Samsung Devices

Whether it’s for your iPhone 13 Pro Max or a Samsung Galaxy S21, the Voyager will give you the four-layer extreme protection you need to keep your phone safe.

Pelican Voyager Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max

Tested to survive multiple drops from 18 feet, the Pelican Voyager Case for iPhone 13 is guaranteed to provide premium protection for the life of the case. The Voyager includes a holster/kickstand for iPhone models and supports MagSafe accessories and wireless chargers. Pelican Voyager Case for Samsung Galaxy 20 and 21 devices offers the same military standard drop protection. The Voyager for Samsung Galaxy also includes bezel screen protection and a holster/kickstand for easy viewing.

If you are looking for the Pelican Voyager Case for Samsung Note20, Pelican Outdoor has that too! The Voyager for Samsung Note20 offers 10-foot drop protection, a one-piece platform design, flexible sides for enhanced grip, and features anti-scratch technology. You will also love the fact that it is compatible with wireless chargers.

Pelican Marine Active Case for iPhone 12 and 13 Devices

For adventurers interested in waterproof cases, or at least highly water-resistant ones, the Marine Active is for you!

 Pelican Marine Active Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max

Constructed with a 5-layer shell consisting of TPU elastomer and PCTG plastic, the Marine Active Case for iPhone is an all-around protection powerhouse. In addition to protection from the elements, it is antimicrobial-resistant and features military standard drop protection to 18 feet.

Enjoy peace of mind if it gets poured on while on the trail, fishing, or even running errands in town. The Ingress Protection (IP) rating of IP54 ensures your smartphone will be protected from rain and splashes, as well as dust.

The Marine Active is available for iPhone 12 and 13 devices, including the iPhone 12 mini. Weighing in at 0.13 lbs and measuring 5½" x 3" x ½", the Pelican Marine Active Case for iPhone 12 Mini has all the same great features and protection, just in a smaller package!

Pelican Protector Case for iPhone 12 and 13 Devices

The Pelican Protector Case for iPhone combines a rigid impact-resistant outer shell and shock-absorbing rubber lining to give you dual-layer military-grade protection.

Pelican Protector Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max

Rated for drops to 15 feet, the Protector appears to be an average case in the world of hybrid cases. However, it was created with technology once reserved for first responders and extreme-enthusiasts worldwide. Slim, but tough, it can take a beating! On appropriate models, built-in magnets make it compatible with MagSafe wireless chargers.

Pelican Adventurer Case for iPhone 13 Devices

Talk about streamlined and trimmed down! It's hard to believe a paper-thin phone case can offer excellent impact resistance. The Pelican Adventurer Case for iPhone 13 gives 23% more impact-absorption than similar models.

Expertly crafted with superior materials, the dual-layer design moves shock away from your phone upon impact. The soft-touch over-mold provides slip-resistance for your iPhone while also making it easier to hold.

Even with its super-slim design (only 0.42 inches thick), the Adventurer is military-tough and rated MIL-STD 810G. It's the perfect phone case for adventuring close to home or around the globe.

Dedicated to Premium Phone Case Design

As in nature, form and function are intricately tied. To make superior rugged cases, you must have superior materials and design. As a longtime leader in the protective case industry, this is what Pelican gives you with each product.

Crafted from Kevlar®, TPU, and PCTG, Pelican builds super-tough phone cases that can take just about anything an outdoor adventurer can put it through. Sometimes those wallet cases just won't do! Some of us need that extra protection from the elements, from drops on rocks, or in case it falls out of a backpack. 

Pelican Outdoor makes some of the best cases on the market and has you covered in all these instances and more. So check one out to ensure your device is fully protected!


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