Bumpers and Bands: 2 Apple Watch Accessories You Need Right Now

Your Apple products are an investment. So keep your watch protected with two of the best Apple Watch accessories from Pelican Outdoor.

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Bumpers and bands are two of the most important Apple Watch accessories to protect your watch. The bands are apparent, right? You've got to keep your watch on you. But for the backpacker or camper, it has to stand up to the rigors of the outdoors and fit comfortably. 

A bumper - which is a rugged, form-fitting shell that completely encases your Apple Watch - will keep your watch from getting scratched or broken.

While the Apple Watch package doesn't include a protective case, it does come with a band.

Sure, Apple Watch ships with Apple Watch bands in the box. But maybe the leather band or sport band just isn't you. Fear not! Pelican Outdoor makes rugged and comfortable bands specifically for the outdoor adventurer.

Apple Watch Sizing

When the first generation of Apple Watch was released in 2015, 38mm and 42mm were the standard sizes for the watch's face and continued through to Apple Watch 3.

Over successive generations (notably Apple Watch Series 4-6, including Apple Watch SE), that range has increased to 40mm and 44mm.

The "size" relates to the watch face's vertical dimension or "height." If you have forgotten or are wondering what size you have, simply measure vertically from the top to the bottom of the face with a measuring tape. Either use a tape that contains millimeters for units or convert from centimeters. If you're really fancy, use a caliper to measure!

The larger screen wasn't the only thing to be updated. Each new generation also offered improvements ranging from water resistance to improved health features such as measuring oxygen saturation in your blood.

With remote control functions, health and fitness tracking, and the ability to navigate around using Maps, the Apple Watch has a wide range of features that goes beyond just telling time.

Pelican Protector Band for Apple Watch Devices

Black, camo green, and fashionably fabulous, mauve purple - no matter your color choice, the Pelican Protector Band for Apple Watch Devices is made from durable elastic that will fit 38mm, 40mm, 42mm, and 44mm Apple Watches.

Weighing at just a little over a half ounce, Apple Watch owners will love how lightweight and comfortable the Pelican Protector Band for Apple Watch is. The flexible fit and adjustable G-Hook fastener will keep your watch on you, whether you're scaling El Capitan or motoring to your next fishing hole.

Ranging from 9" to 9.5" in length, the Pelican Protector Band fits wrists of varying thicknesses.

Pelican Protector Bumper for Apple Watch Devices

Your cell phone needs a protective case, right? So, why should your Apple Watch be any different?

Pelican Outdoor has "bumpers" for Apple Watch Series 1 through 6. As such, The Pelican Protector Bumper for Apple Watch Devices acts as a rugged protective case for your watch.

Designed for seamless integration, it’s perfectly constructed to allow access to a charging dock, USB-C, and watch controls. In addition, the Pelican Protector Bumper features a raised bezel that helps keep your watch protected from scratches and cracks on the screen.

The Pelican Protector Bumper for Apple Watch is one of the essential Apple Watch accessories available. Without it, your watch is as vulnerable as a smartphone without a case.

Use Bumper and Band Apple Watch Accessories Together!

The Pelican Protector Bands and Bumpers for Apple Watch devices come in the same complementary color patterns. Use the camo green bumper with the camo green watchband, or mix and match colors as you see fit!

Heck, make a really bold statement and use a camo green bumper with a mauve purple band - we won’t judge! 

If you use Apple Watch and tend to blaze trails across the craggy high country, consider Pelican Protector Bands and Bumpers for Apple Watch Devices.

The unmatched quality and construction of Pelican Outdoor watch bands and bumpers will keep your Apple Watch strapped and protected on any trip or trek.

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